“Welcoming these little ones and give them affection they need, care for them to come out of their painful situation and help them to learn a job so they also feel in some way self sufficient or at least useful, all this is part of our apostolate commitment. Even in these little ones, regardless of their religion we can sow thoughts of God for the peaceful acceptance of their infirmity” (Mother Carla)

Mission experience

Pubblicato il: venerdì 20 Gennaio 2023

Helen Keller School for the Hearing Impaired is a school run by the Diocese of Kumbakonam and managed by the Missionary Sisters of the Incarnation. It was inaugurated in 1995 and since then, many students have passed through the school and have developed their talents and studies. These children are gifted in arts, sports, and other activities and have won first prize medals from the state for their extracurricular activities.

There are several competitions conducted by the district, state, and nation for hearing-impaired children. The government of Tamil Nadu has introduced several master plans and projects with modern techniques and equipment to encourage and foster these special students by providing opportunities for them to cultivate their talents at various levels.

During the academic year 2021-2022, our children were invited to participate in different programs. In November, they went to Chennai to participate in sports and games and won medals in various competitions.

God is present everywhere, including in and around vulnerable children. When we are with them, we can experience God’s wonderful providence, love, and mercy through them. Those who come into contact with them also say, “Here is God. God dwells in them. We don’t need to search for God anywhere else. They are God’s eyes and God’s hearts.”

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