Nature teaches us many things. It is a natural teacher. It is natural beauty. It cannot be created artificially...

The nature has music for those who listen while traveling

Pubblicato il: mercoledì 20 Luglio 2022

The music starts with the beauty of nature, which gives us a glow to our eyes with those greenery and those pure waters flowing in the rock. We are blessed to experience such a nature around us, which gives us that relief and calmness in our life. So, here my Journey Starts. A journey filled with peace and happiness. Walking through those rocks with ups and downs, followed with those little streams flowing and those rivers which looks beautiful from the far. As we continued our journey, we got into dense forest with those bird’s chirps welcoming us and experiencing fresh air. We were thirsty and we drank the fresh water which was flowing in those streams. The experience through the dense forest was mesmerizing. It gave me a feeling which I have never experienced before. This music took me through this beautiful journey and was soothing to my ears..

Traveling, it’s like an adventurous word that inspires me, and makes me feel restless. It’s like a disorder which requires no medicine as it itself is a medicine to many diseases. It brings us good vibes. This tune reminds me of the feeling of nature. It is a way a person can get over stress. It is a way to forget about unwanted thought’s.  It helps to take big decisions. It gives relaxation.

Traveling is just a way to explore nature. Nature for me is the beauty of earth. Nature can do good or bad. When we explore nature, we get that feel of relaxation and happiness. It brings out our real happiness without money, it is not fake. The beauty of nature always mesmerizes us. This stunning beauty of nature cannot be created in artificial way.

When we travel we get to see many new places. We meet new people and learn about many cultures. Learning new things every day makes our minds gain more knowledge. Hence, traveling can also be a way of gaining knowledge.

Nature, this word makes everyone to think and imagine about mountains, beaches, trees, waterfalls, etc. There is no end to nature. Nature is that beautiful, some are beyond our finding’s. They are the hidden beauties of nature. To find these beauties a man should go through a lot of struggles but looking at the beauty, the man can forget all the troubles that he had undergone.

In this world there are so many people who love traveling. For many traveling could be a way to relax from their work. For some it could be a vacation or holiday. For some people traveling could be passion, inspiration and a way to live. These people are the one who a strong and want to keep exploring the hidden beauty of nature.

This tune reminds me of hiking which is a way of climbing hills or mountain’s. In hiking, a person climbs up a mountain in thousands of way. As we just can’t follow one way or step to climb. There are so many different ways which different people are comfortable to climb. This, shows the different personalities or variations in humans. After a lot of struggle we find out our real happiness when we reach our destination.

We get to see many varieties of species and gets to taste various food items and vegetables. We get to see many different lifestyles of people in different places. Traveling creates experiences and memories which can be cherished for a lifetime.

Nature teaches us many things. It is a natural teacher. It is natural beauty. It cannot be created artificially. Even if created can never replace the beauty of real nature. As in this world nothing can replace the beauty of nature.

We get life lessons as nature teaches us about life. When we travel, we walk in ups and downs but at the end when we reach the peak or our destination we get great joy. But after some time, we attract attention to another place and that starts another journey. In the same way, a person who is living will work hard to achieve his goal but even after achieving a goal we get reminded of another goal. This is life and cannot be changed. Hence in this way travelling teaches us about life and it’s value.

Every failure will be a step to success. When we are travelling, and we get hurt, we treat it and move forward , in the same way we lead our life by taking our failures as a step for success. Every failure will bring us unforgettable victory.

To get victory we need to do a lot of sacrifices, these sacrifices makes us strong and our victory very special.

                                                                                                                                                               Leema Viana J.