The hall was created with photographic representations on the wall that tell the life of the Mother and the wonders that God has accomplished through his docile listening and obedience to the divine plan...

Centenary hall inaugurated

Pubblicato il: giovedì 9 Dicembre 2021

On the occasion of the Birth Centenary year celebration of Mother Carla Borgheri, the foundress of Missionaries of Incarnation, a centenary hall was inaugurated at St. Paul’s Seminary on 27th November 2021. Rev. Fr. Martin Cabral PMI, the Delegate Superior of PMI, inaugurated and blessed the centenary hall. The inauguration ceremony was blessed with the presence of Sr. Shainy Chakkalackal, SMI, the Regional Superior of SMI in India, Sr. Jessy Chennathara SMI, General Councilor of SMI and the Priests, Sisters, Brothers of the Congregation. A symposium was conducted on that auspicious occasion on the topic of the life and thoughts of Mother Carla. Rev. Fr. Xavier Panakkal, Superior of St. Paul’s Seminary welcomed everyone to the symposium.

Sr. Jessy SMI, who had accompanied Mother Carla for a long time, shared her life experience with Mother Carla, and explained how mother realized the great project and inspiration of God in her life. She was focusing on the virtue of charity that was shone in the life of Mother Carla. She also insisted all the members to keep the virtue of charity as the foundation and the root to gain the people for the service of God. Sr.Jessy also spent enough time to answer the various questions raised by the audience, mainly on the growth and the aim of the Congregation,the inspiration behind the foundation of  PMI etc

In the second session Sr. Salomy Maliekkal SMI also shared her life experience with Mother Carla. She said that love was Mother Carla’s greatest weapon. She showed through her life that we can win others through love. And the smiling face of mother Carla is always alive and evergreen the heart of all those who had seen her.

Fr. Martin Cabral, the Delegate superior of pmi , also recalled the beautiful association that he had with mother Carla, and her concern for the priest Thus the symposium was a blessed moment to all the members of missionaries of Incarnation, through which they were able to comprehend the life and the teachings of Mother Carla.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Fr. Shiju Cleetus PMI

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